Picture this. You have it all. The best product innovation any generation has ever seen, an identified need in the community, and a strong brand strategy that has blown the pants off investors worldwide. You’re feeling great pretty great until one of the investors asks you one simple and very pointed question, how are people going to know that this product exists? And the answer is simple: Influencer Marketing.

Influencer Marketing allows you to work with influential social media personalities in order to promote your product or service via their own personal social media channels in their own voice: reaching your audience, cutting through the noise and starting conversations around your brand and product.

But how to get started with Influencer Marketing? With the Fourstarzz Campaign Designer, your secret weapon is loaded and ready to go giving you the answers you need in less than 60 seconds.

The Campaign Designer tool allows everyone, from small agencies to big corporations, to get a concrete influencer marketing campaign proposal within seconds – not days or weeks. Based on your specific campaign request a smart algorithm searches, filters and identifies the fitting influencers amongst thousands influencers. You will receive within 60 seconds a nicely designed campaign proposal, including suggested: 

  • Social Media Channels
  • Social Media Influencers
  • Content Strategy and Tactics


  • Estimated Earned Media Value or ROI

Tap into local, national and international influencers already talking to your audience in order to promote your brands and products. This four part series will take you through step by step on how to use the tool and will give you an insight on how the tool can truly benefit you.

#1: How to Input

Like I said, you have it all. Which means you already have all of the information you need to make your very own influencer marketing campaign design. The cool thing is, that you do not need to contact anyone, no need to enter credit card information, no waiting time – you can start right away First, you’ll need to head over to fourstarzz.com. Right in the middle of the screen you’ll see a large button that says “Campaign Designer”.
Screenshot of Fourstarzz homepage displaying social influencer marketing services

Once you’ve clicked that a screen should pop up looking like this.

Screenshot of campaign designer tool where you enter your marketing budget information

Here you can fill in the name of your campaign, identify a purpose and a category, give yourself a start date, and budget. In order for the campaign designer to calculate your Return on Investment (ROI), the following two inputs are needed: lead to sales conversion rate and customer lifetime value. Don’t worry if you get stumped on the last two, we’ve added in an estimate tool that pulls from industry  data all over the world in order to give you an accurate estimate for your market. Once you’ve put in all of your information, you hit next.

Screenshot of Fourstarzz campaign designer tool where you add your target market information

To make sure, that the suggested influencers are already talking to your target group we need to know whom you wanted to reach On this screen, you’ll put in your target geography (i.e. where in the world you want your message to go), the audience gender(s) and the main age range of your target customers. Once you’ve put all of that in, click next.
Screenshot of Fourstarzz campaign designer tool where you enter your companies information, influencer marketing plan

This next (and final) page allows you to personalize your campaign. What agency or brand are you with? How can these influencers reach you? What business category do you fall under. Once you’ve filled that out, hit finish and congrats! You have access to your very own influencer marketing campaign strategy generated specifically for you.

Screenshot of Fourstarzz software campaign proposal, marketing guide

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Interested in learning how all of this works or how to read your report? Stay tuned for more info.