You’ve now seen what the Campaign Designer tool can do, but don’t you want to see how it works?

We thought so.

The process itself is actually quite simple. The Fourstarzz Campaign Designer is a tool that enables marketers to receive suggestions for influencer marketing campaign designs after providing some basic information about the product or service to be marketed, the consumers to be targeted, and the budget available. Moral of the story, it does your job for you. We shape an influencer marketing campaign with respect to social media channels, number of influencers to be engaged per channel, timing & frequency of publications, type of content to be published, as well as the specific individuals to be engaged as influencers for this specific campaign. And there are four main parts that help the whole thing run.

  1. a) The data input module,
  2. b) The design algorithm module,
  3. c) The data output module  (the campaign sheet)
  4. d) The RFP module (the way to reach out to the influencers via the influencer networks)

The last post talked about how to do the first part and showed you what the third part looks like (we’ll go more in depth later). Now it’s time to dive into how the sausage is made, or so they say.

It all starts with the info you provide. The Fourstarzz campaign designer algorithm was designed to pick the best set of influencers, channels, and networks, along with details regarding the campaign content, schedule, and tactics for your campaign, given your goals, budget, and target audience. All of this is broken up into four main categories:

  1. a) Budget: Algorithm suggests influencers taking into consideration the campaign budget constraints and uses Fourstarzz rich pricing data for each of the influencers
  2. b) Campaign Type: Awareness or Sales Conversion campaign:

-> Awareness campaign: Influencers with the best reach/engagement combination are selected. Higher weight is put on reach here.

-> Sales: Influencers with the best reach/engagement combination are selected. Higher weight is put on engagement here

  1. c) Category: Category is defining the area, in which the influencer is the most influential in. Fourstarzz constantly scans all posts, content, and engagement of our influencers in a way that identifies areas Influencers are influential in.
  2. d) Audience data: algorithm selects influencers which are fitting the audience criteria and provides them with info such as where they’re from, their gender, age groups, etc.

From there it pulls from a database we’ve created to give you the best results possible to fit your own influencer marketing campaign. This algorithm takes what you already know and have given us and we make it into an influencer marketing campaign that works down to every last detail. 

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map for selecting influencers and designing a marketing campaign within the Fourstarzz software