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The World’s First tool which instantly provides you with an automatized & personalized roadmap for your influencer marketing.

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In combination with a complimentary 40 min expert call, the Campaign Navigator gets you an actionable plan and concrete advice on how to master each step of an influencer marketing campaign.

Influencer Strategy

The social media channels your influencers should publish on based on your budget, industry and audience.


Influencer Discovery

3-5 influencers hand-picked by our algorithm out of a database of 250k pre-vetted influencers that will best suit your individual needs. 

Influencer Outreach

Get insights on the type of content your influencers could create and what times it should be published.

Pricing and Results

Get a pricing estimate for the suggested campaign and a forecast on engagements, reach and ROI.


The selection of social channels is crucial for the success of an influencer campaign.
Each social media channel differs in terms of audience, how users are consuming information and what are the costs of an influencer post.

We have designed, executed and optimized 100’s of influencer campaigns for our clients. Benefit from those learnings by using the Campaign Navigator and the underlying smart algorithms.

The Campaign Navigator takes into consideration your budget, audience and campaign purpose and suggests the best fitting social channels for that given combination. 



You know which social channels to focus on. But how to find fitting influencers? The Campaign Navigator does the hard work for you. You’ll get 3-5 influencers hand-picked, fitting influencers. Influencers fit if they are talking already about topics in your category, to your audience and fit into your budget. 

 The algorithm selects the influencers out of our database of 250’000+ pre-vetted influencers.

You’ll receive a detailed breakdown for each recommended influencer. 


It’s not all about the influencer; having a great content strategy makes your campaign more effective. Once the content strategy is defined, you can reach out to influencers, explaining what they need to do. 

Use the Campaign Navigator to understand the type of content your influencers need to create and when it should be published.



Key question: How much does an influencer campaign cost and what are the expected results? We have you covered. We have past performance data on each of the influencers we recommend. Based on that, we can provide you with a realistic forecast making it easier to compare influencer marketing with other social media channels. 

The Campaign Navigator provides you with estimated reach, estimated engagement rate, estimated CPM (Cost per thousand followers) and ROI (Return on Investment for a sales campaign) or EMV (Earned Media Value for an awareness campaign).


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Answer our questions to tell us about your campaign goals, your audience, and budget. We ask you the right questions you need to consider for an impactful campaign.

Step 3: Download

Download your Campaign design. You will receive an email with your personalized campaign design with explanations how to book the complimentary call.

Step 2: Payment

Pay securely via PayPal or credit card. For only $59 you get access to the full campaign design and a complimentary 40 min call with one of our influencer experts.

Step 4: Complimentary Call with Expert

Book a complimentary 40 min consulting call. The call will be conducted by one of our co-founders. Benefit from their experience and get ready to start your influencer campaign.

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