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Ready to level up your influencer game?

Ready to level up your influencer game?





User Guide Influencer Recommendation Engine for Hootsuite

The information presented in this User Guide describes how to install, configure, and utilize the functions available in the Influencer Recommendation Engine for Hootsuite powered by Fourstarzz.

Users are not required to have any programming or software development knowledge but should be familiar with the use of a personal computer and Internet browser software such as Internet Edge / Firefox / Chrome.

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About the Influencer Recommendation Engine

Extending the reach of a social message via influencers is an important way for existing Hootsuite users to fulfill their marketing and PR goals.

Influencer Marketing is word-of-mouth at scale. Influencer Marketing means that a brand collaborates with social media personalities – like YouTube Creators, Instagram Influencers, and Bloggers – to create engaging content and to explain a product or service to their community and fans. It is one of the most valuable forms of marketing, as brands can tap into the trust of these key opinion leaders. Nielsen Reports indicate that 20-50% of all purchasing decisions are influenced by word of mouth: recommendations made by friends, family, or social media personalities. It comes as no surprise that 92% of consumers trust personal recommendations more than advertising.

Getting started with Influencer Marketing has never been easier:  Amplify your message with help from influencers your audience trusts using Fourstarzz Influencer Recommendation Engine for Hootsuite.

Now anyone can harness this influencer marketing power right inside Hootsuite. The Influencer recommendation engine quickly creates a customized influencer marketing campaign proposal. You get guidance on social channels to choose, content types, publication tactics, and even estimated campaign results like reach, engagement, and Estimated Earned Media Value.

If you like the suggestions, you can reach out to the influencer’s talent manager via the Fourstarzz app. No obligations or costs are involved until you finally sign a contract with the influencers or the connected influencer talent agency.

Key Features


Amplify your message with help from influencers your audience trusts


Understand estimated campaign results, including reach, engagements, EMV


Create an influencer marketing campaign proposal in less than a minute


Download and share the influencer campaign proposal


Get customized influencer recommendations for your content


Engage and contract the influencers or talk to the influencer’s talent manager for further information (Free Fourstarzz Account needed)


Getting Started – Enabling Influencer Recommendation Engine

Go to the Hootsuite App Store and search for “Fourstarzz”.

Click “Install”. The app is installed to your Hootsuite account and a pop-up window displays.

Click “Add” to add the Influencer Recommendation Engine to your dashboard.

Once done, a message appears “App plugin successfully installed!”.

Congratulations – you have successfully installed the Influencer Recommendation Engine.

Connect your Hootsuite Account with Fourstarzz

To fully harness the power of the Influencer Recommendation Engine, connect your Hootsuite account to a free account on

Go to and sign up with your work email. You must use the same email address to connect your Hootsuite account to your Fourstarzz app.

You will receive an email from with further sign up instructions.

If you do not receive the confirmation message within a few minutes, check your Junk E-mail folder just in case the confirmation email got delivered there instead of your inbox. If so, select the confirmation message and click “Not Junk” (or similar, might differ from provider to provider), which will allow future messages to get through.

Click “Set Your Password” in your Welcome email.

Congratulations – you have just connected your Hootsuite account with the Fourstarzz app.


Using Fourstarzz Influencer Recommendation Engine for Hootsuite

Go to your Hootsuite dashboard. The Influencer Recommendation Engine can be started by clicking on “More Actions” (three dots) below any post. A small pop-up window displays. Go to your Hootsuite dashboard. The Influencer Recommendation Engine can be started by clicking on the three dots below any post. A small window pops up.

Click “Send to Influencer Recommendation Engine”.

The Influencer Recommendation Engine opens in a new pop-up window.

The Influencer Recommendation Engine is being opened in a new window.

Define your campaign specifications.


Define Campaign Metrics

Provide some additional information for our algorithm to recommend you with a list of influencers.

Product Category:

Select the category that best describes your service or product. This information is used to recommend influencers who can authentically represent services or products for that category.

Campaign Budget:

The Influencer Recommendation Engine proposes a number of influencers considering your budget restrictions. Minimum budget is $500 (USD).

Target Geography:

Select the target country of your campaign. You can select one country only per campaign.

Contact Email:

The Email is the connector between your Hootsuite account and the Fourstarzz app. Enter the same email address you use to log in to the Fourstarzz app.

Submit your campaign design.


Understand the Campaign Design Proposal

Within less than a minute you get a detailed campaign design displayed within the Hootsuite app. The campaign design includes

  • The message, which was selected to be amplified
  • Suggested social media channels
  • A recommended list of Influencers
  • Suggested content and scheduling strategy
  • Expected results
  • Tactics


You’ve put in the information you need to put in, we’ve shown you what we do on our end, now it’s time to talk about what you have sitting on your web browser screen ready to easily be downloaded into a beautiful and easy to understand PDF.

First off you have your channels tab which will look something like this:

A PDF is created based on the information you have entered. Click “Download PDF” to view it.

Your channels tab will look something like this:

This will suggest what channel should be your main focus to promote your product, what channel you should use for cross-promotion, and what social media ad service you should add to effectively amplify your influencer content.

The second tab is focused on the influencers you should look at:

The Fourstarzz Influencer Recommendation Engine uses the information you provided and our network of influencers to give you the best influencers for your product and specific campaign requirements. Additionally, you can see their following and how much engagement they actually get on their posts.

The third part gives you ideas of what to post and when to post it:

Influencer Marketing is all about creating engaging and compelling content. Content can come in different varieties. This section gives you some ideas and suggestions about what your call of action should be, who should create the content (branded content, co-generated content, or pure influencer-generated content). You can also see how many times the influencer should post and why that is important. Lastly, it outlines the best times and days for your content to be posted by the influencers

The last column outlines your expected results for the campaign and the influencers hand-picked for you! Your estimated reach, Estimated Earned Media Value (EMV), and more are all analyzed specifically for you.

Lastly, the box at the bottom is a simple plan explaining what you should do to make it all come together. It tells you what steps to take and what to emphasize to make sure that you are getting the most out of your personalized Campaign Design.


Create Campaign Sheet

Click “Create Campaign Sheet” if you would like further details about the influencers you should contact.

The recommended list of influencers is transferred into a “Campaign Sheet”. This campaign sheet is accessible via your account on

Go to and log in.

After login, you can find your  campaign sheet on the right side:

Opening the campaign sheet will lead the user to the details about the suggested influencers:

Click “Request Proposal” to start contacting and engaging the influencers. Typically, an account manager will be in touch with further information about the requested influencer and will help you to engage the most efficient way.

You can also use the influencer metasearch engine within to add additional influencers and compare them within the campaign sheet.

Outreach to Influencers

Once you have selected the final list of influencers, you can start the outreach.

Click “Request Proposal”.

A new window opens. Enter your email address, phone number, and any additional comments (such as further explanations what you want to achieve).

You need to agree that your contact information will be shared with the influencer talent network or talent manager.

Click “Request Proposal”. Your proposal request is then sent to the talent network or talent manager representing the influencer.

The talent manager of the influencer will receive your request for proposal and be in touch within 24 hours.

Download Campaign Design

Once you have received your campaign design, you can as well download the sheet by clicking on “Download PDF”.  That is great to discuss internally with your colleagues.

In case you want to re-download or print the design after couple of days – no problem.

Just head over to and log into your account.

Click on the avatar icon in the right top corner:

Click on “Campaign Designer History” to open the list of all Campaign Designs.

Click “View”. A new window opens.


You can reach out with any questions to or give us a call 402.413.9073.


We Are The World’s First Influencer Metasearch Engine.


Phone: 402.413.9073
151 N 8th Street
Suite 300
68508 Lincoln,NE
United States


We Are The World’s First Influencer Metasearch Engine.


Phone: 402.413.9073
151 N 8th Street
Suite 300
68508 Lincoln,NE
United States