#JaimesWorld – Episode 2

By Jaime Rice, Social Media Manager @ Fourstarzz Media

#JaimesWorld is unfortunately not a real place, but more of an insider’s perspective on all things social media and influencer marketing from yours truly, Jaime. I’m no marketing guru or by any means a digital genius. I was not listed in the Forbes 30 under 30 – wait ‘til next year. I am a young, female college millennial, who is working for Fourstarzz Media which is a influencer marketing company, so I might say something that you’ll want to hear.
Woman holding her hands up forming a heart in a crowd of people symbolizing the relationships with clients formed using social influencers for marketingNo one should be surprised when I say that businesses are starting to realize consumers are craving authenticity and relationships within brands. But what exactly does that mean for the future of marketing? Bryan Kramer said it best, “There is no more B2B or B2C. It’s H2H: Human to Human.” It seems like every month there is a new media platform that is bringing us closer to people. Technology is continuously improving and innovating the way brands are able to market products and services which is where Human to Human marketing comes into play. Influencer marketing is helping those companies transition into a brand that is successful in H2H marketing industry. Each generation requires different marketing strategies, but something that all consumers have in common is they want to be able to trust a brand. No one is going to buy a present for their Grandma’s birthday if they don’t believe a brand will follow through on their promise to provide a quality product. By adapting the concept of Human to Human marketing a brand is sharing their personality, values and story to their product based on relationships and trust.


A couple embracing, smiling, holding their hands up to form a heart signifying the importance of relationship marketing and promotion
People today care about who is sending out a message. It is important for people to realize who is the person behind the computer screen selling them a product. It isn’t just about having someone to look at, but it is about having a connection with that person. There is nothing more valuable or desirable than having a trusted relationship with a brand. Influencer marketing is so successful because brands partner with an influencer who already has an established “audience”, so they provide real access to consumers. Something unique about Influencer Marketing is that any brand can reach out to any influencer and vise versa, but either party can say no. Influencers want to support a brand that is not only relevant to their audience, but also shares a story they believe in. They show consumers why they believe in what they are selling, and why we should follow. Essentially, influencers are leading by example. One day I was volunteering at a elementary school and randomly started balancing a book on my head. I wasn’t aware that the little kids were watching me until they started trying to balance their own books on their head. Those little kids and I have a relationship based off of education and trust, so they know I would never lead them to do something wrong. Obviously I was not adding to their learning environment, but that day I realized that people need someone to follow and someone to look up to. Whether it is through dialogue, a screen, or a tweet – brands have to have a connection in order to be real and be human.

Trust and Authenticity

Cartoon picture of Jaime from Fourstarzz talking about how to find social influencers for marketing your brandIf one wants to lead by example, they need followers. If one wants to establish a relationship, they need a common interest. It may seems like a lot of requirements for a brand, but all they have to do is create a sense of trust. Consumers today want to see brands that have a personality, transparency, a authentic connection and make mistakes. It’s the companies that truly care about their consumers who have their consumers forgiving their mistakes and coming back for more. Brands need to shift from their traditional practices and becomes human. Trust is one of the fundamental needs of humans; we trust that companies will deliver on their product promises, be honest and open in communication. The valuable link between trust and authenticity leads to a successful business and brand. Dave Kerpen, founder of Likeable Local says, “Authenticity really breeds trust, and trust breeds business.” In order to be an authentic brand, one can’t just share everything and call it good because that is just being too honest. Again, it’s not about being 100% honest, but it is being 100% human. Try out your product first – you have to walk the walk before you can talk the talk.
In episode 1 of #JaimesWorld I made it pretty obvious about how millennials engage with brands based on the two things they value: experience and emotions. The thing about that statement is that those are just basic qualities in people, not just millennials specifically. People care. There is nothing more valuable or desirable than having a trusted relationship with a brand. To transfer from a B2C to H2H it is important to remember story of your company and define your personality. Social media platforms are the stepping stones when creating a presence online in this new Human to Human world. Using influencer marketing is helping brands establish real relationships with real people. The major takeaway is that brands need to remember that they are marketing to human beings, not robots. So once again, be likable, make us laugh, create an experience and prove your worth.