So I’m sure you’re wondering why we do all of this. What’s the point of influencer marketing and what can it do for your company. For this post, we’ve decided to see how our platform can impact all of you athletic brands out there right now. From large international brands to the small-town sports boutique, we can do it all. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve established your brand, it’s all about how you can continue growing with the Campaign Designer tool.

You know all of the technicalities, the ins and outs of the Campaign Designer tool (Need a refresher? Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 are all right here). Now, we want to take you through a real life example of how the Campaign Designer tool can be used in your marketing campaign.

Meet Joe. Joe is the Marketing Executive for a large sports clothing company and they’re about to release their new shoe style for the upcoming season. Joe has been doing this for a while now and he’s realizing the old school “brick and mortar” advertisements aren’t doing what they used to. So Joe decides that he wants to turn to influencer marketing, a virtually unknown market to Joe and his competitors. But with the help of the Fourstarzz Campaign Designer Tool, Joe has the power to make an influencer marketing Campaign for him.

He now knows what he’s looking for. He takes to Google and searches “influencer marketing”. His intention is just to find some videos about how he can use influencer marketing to his advantage. Little did he know, he was going to be lead to a tool that would do everything for him. Joe is lead to this video.  There he learns about the Campaign Designer tool and what he needs to do to make it work for him. He heads over to and launches the Campaign Designer tool for himself.

computer screen showing website analytics, helped by social influencer marketing web platform

Joe takes the time to put in his information. Their target demographic is 18-35 and he wants the campaign to run from October 25th-December 31st. His budget maxes out at $35,000 and he’s mainly trying to focus his ads to people from the midwest. Just like that,  Joe has the best Influencer Marketing strategy for his campaign laid out in front of him. He has a set list of influencers, their best channels for posting and the best way to come across to the audience. All of this, so he can get the best results for his brand new running shoe.

The days of meticulous strategy planning and demographic research are done. You know what you need, so let us help you reach your maximum potential with the Campaign Designer tool. Just like in sports, it’s all about the game plan. This tool gives you the best game plan possible for you to get your best results and keeping you miles ahead of the competition. It’s your ideal influencer marketing Campaign laid out perfectly for you and for your company.